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Oxygen Head Spa

Oxygen Head Spa

Animals and Human die after a few years, but plants keep growing for hundreds of years, as plant cells have excellent regenerative property.

Oxygen Head Spa .. 1 solution for most of the unhealthy or healthy scalp.  Visible reduction in hair fall in 4 weekly sessions.

Healthy scalp or unhealthy scalp, Oxygen Head Spa is a must for every head !!


  • A deep cleansing, Soothing and nourishing treatment with Oxygen for scalp and  hair
  • Factors like Chlorinated water, Poor Circulation of Blood, Sluggish metabolism, Harsh Chemicals, Natural Shedding process, lead to fine
    build-up on the scalp. Hair follicles cannot ‘breathe’ well and cannot absorb nutrients which leads to many scalp/hair problems, especially hair loss.
  • Like facial, we deep cleanse the scalp, exfoliate scalp with gentle products and flood hair follicles with highly nourishing 90% plant-based tonic, that revives weak hair follicles with cooling and soothing Oxygen.

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