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Damaged Hair

Because hair can be damaged relatively easily, rejuvenating it back to good health can take some time. However, at Avant Garde – one of the best hair repair salons in Dubai – we can help repair your damaged hair back to normal healthy self.

Healthy Hair

Healthy hair consists of 90%+ protein, where as damaged hair contains a maximum of 40% protein. At Avant Gard Beauty Salon, we offer a wide range of products to help with any kind of damaged hair that you need help repairing.

Avant Garde is one of the leading hair salons in Dubai that offers Italian Keratin hair straightening and YUKO-Japanese hair straightening services.These services are just a few of the services we offer to help repair damaged and unhealthy hair.

Hair Treatment

We provide 6 different treatments to repair environmentally or chemically damaged hair. Each of these treatments is tailored to suit your individual hair and lifestyle needs. When you come in for your first appointment, we will begin with a thorough consultation, followed by a scalp and hair analysis. This is to ensure that the right treatment is selected for your hair as well as your lifestyle.

The majority of the products we use are of Italian origin, containing natural ingredients.  We protect hair with conditioning treatment while processing hair with chemicals. These are just a few of the processes we use for your hair repair and treatment.

OLAPLEX Hair Repair Treatment

OLAPLEX™ is revolutionary new product which has taken America by storm. OLAPLEX™ is redefining that way hair is colored. OLAPLEX™ is proven to target hair strand structure, reconnecting bonds broken by the process of permanent hair coloring